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Who Needs Business Insurance?

#AshlinProtectsMyAssets is your one stop shop for all Woman Owned Business Insurance needs. Finding the right insurance to protect your business starts with finding an agency that knows your needs. We’re proud to offer insurance that can be customized for every type of SheShop.

We can help protect all these and more:

Woman’s Clothing Stores


Bridal Shops / Dress Shops

Women’s Sportswear Shops

Maternity Wear Stores

& More!

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We offer comprehensive insurance for all your SHE SHOP Insurance Needs. Best New is, It Only Takes Minutes.

Accidents happen!

Nobody plans for accidents to happen in their business, but unfortunately, they do. Without the right coverage you could be exposed.

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Who Needs Business Insurance?

We can help protect all of these and more:

Women's Clothing Stores


Bridal Shops / Dress Shops

Women's Sportswear Shops

Maternity Wear Stores

Ready-To-Wear Apparel Shops

Hair Salons & Hairstylist

Nail Salons

Tanning Salons

Cosmetologist / Estheticians

“I had just remodeled, which included upgrading all of my nail tools. I got top of the line equipment which totalled over $15,000. Apparently, one of my newest hires told someone about our latest upgrades and they broke in during the night, stealing it all. Thank goodness we had insurance!

Lauren Jackson

“We trained our new esthetician how to work our wax machine. However, on her first client, she spread the wax on too soon and it ended up causing a pretty bad burn. If I didn’t have the right insurance, I could have been responsible for that woman’s medical bills.

Nicki Burns

“My receptionist was helping me on a busy Saturday and took my new pair of scissors to the back to sterilize them. She was rushing and didn’t realize how sharp they were and ended up slicing her finger pretty bad. So bad that she needed a few stitches. This is why having workers comp insurance is so important.

Elenor Walsh

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