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#AshlinProtectsMyAssets is your one stop shop for all Woman Owned Business Insurance needs.

We are owned by a woman and run by fabulous women. We specialize in all SheShops.

The Ashlin Hadden Insurance Agency is an independently Owned Insurance Agency based out of Indiana.

  • Boutiques and women-owned businesses
  • Woman’s Clothing Stores
  • Bridal Shops / Dress Shops
  • Women’s Sportswear Shops
  • Maternity Wear Stores
  • & More!

Meet Ashlin Hadden

Ashlin has been in the financial/insurance industry for over 15 years. She left the banking industry and has been working exclusively in insurance for over 7 years. Ashlin started her own agency because she was tired of working hard for her clients, only to have the insurance carrier take advantage of them at renewal time with nothing she could do about it. She demanded change. She decided that she wanted more products, more choices, and more control. She invested in her customers, her community, and her family. Ashlin’s clients love doing business with her because she is real, accessible, on top of the latest technology, and most importantly, a part of their lives.


We know what you need to be fully protected because we are involved in your business. We customize a policy for you and your unique business needs. No fluff just individualized options.


We know what you know but don’t do what you do! We feel that it is a conflict of interest to be sellers also. The staff at Ashlin Hadden Insurance are forbidden to be sellers.


We have strategically aligned our services with many of the finest and most reputable insurance carriers in the industry. We carefully selected our carriers in order to provide you with the best level of service, price, and coverage.

General Liability

Inventory Coverage

Workers Comp

Our SheShop Staff

The professionals that are here and ready to serve you!

Ashlin Hadden

Owner & CEO

Lindsey Caudill

Office Manager

Kelsey Taulbee

Commercial Producer

Sarah Fahlsing

Commercial CSR & Renewals

Jennifer Benson

Personal Lines Producer

Hannah Agresti

Customer Service Rep

Jovana Fragoso

Administrative Assistant

Amanda Hill

Customer Service Advocate

McClain Warren

Brand Ambassador

You’re In good Hands

There’s a good reason to pick us.

Ashlin believes that the insurance business was built on a firm handshake, a stiff drink, swanky offices, and dare I say it? – on the golf course.

This industry was built by strong men, and they did a good job in leading the way for strong women to take their place alongside them.

Originally an agent for Liberty before she took a leap of faith and decided to go out on her own, Ashlin has found her place in the E-Commerce industry.

I had just remodeled, which included upgrading all of my nail tools. I got top of the line equipment which totalled over $15,000. Apparently, one of my newest hires told someone about our latest upgrades and they broke in during the night, stealing it all. Thank goodness we had insurance!

Lauren Jackson

We trained our new esthetician how to work our wax machine. However, on her first client, she spread the wax on too soon and it ended up causing a pretty bad burn. If I didn’t have the right insurance, I could have been responsible for that woman’s medical bills.

Nicki Burns

My receptionist was helping me on a busy Saturday and took my new pair of scissors to the back to sterilize them. She was rushing and didn’t realize how sharp they were and ended up slicing her finger pretty bad. So bad that she needed a few stitches. This is why having workers comp insurance is so important.

Elenor Walsh

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